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PennystocksTrades is a system that has been developed exclusively for penny stocks, its easy execution makes it highly commendable for both experienced investors and beginners.

Why Penny Stocks?
According to SEC, Penny Stocks are those that are traded for less than $5 per share. With a correct system, they offer the possibility of obtaining big revenues with little investment.

Are all Penny Stocks tradable?
Definitely not. We have to be very careful with the penny stocks we choose. We select only those stocks that are sufficiently liquid to be traded and that belong to solid enterprises. We evaluate more that 5000 stocks daily and just a few are eligible to be chosen by our system. Only stocks that are listed in NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX are traded in our system

System Performance

How does our system work?

Our system is very easy to operate, you will have to buy at the opening price and sells using a limit sell order. It uses only long positions and it has a very high rate of success.
One of the most important elements to take into account when choosing a trading system is that its characteristics must be compatible with our needs. A system should be tested for an extensive period of time so as to be able to understand it´s behavior through different economic scenarios. Our strategy has been fully successful through the last 3 years and, though it´s impossible to predict future gains, it gives us the necessary backup and trust to invest in it.


Our system is 100% based on technical analysis, it uses a combination of 4 indicators that are crossed to generate a clear and strong signal.
Our software scans all stocks daily, searching for indications that will help us anticipate strong market movements based on sudden volume shifts and oversold conditions.

System Highlights

  • Solid strategy that identifies strong moves.
  • Limited number of open positions
  • Only long trades
  • Stable performance since 2008
  • Signals sent the previous night
  • Trade only liquid stocks
  • Track Record displayed since inception

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The potential rewards are enormous : The penny stocks offer some of the best returns on the market
Low investments: Only with penny stocks you can have great returns with small investments
Diversification: Only with penny stocks you don’t require a large amount of money to have many open positions and diversify your portfolio
Profits: Our system generated profits for more than +114% in only two weeks!


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Latest Best Trades
Close Date
BBI 4/19/2010 +58.06%
AEZS 4/15/2010 +87.50%
CPF 1/20/2010 +32.59%
GNVC 1/5/2010 +65.17%

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