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Day Trading Stocks – What’s The Best Time Frame?


Day Trading Stocks, what’s the best time frame for your charts?

The stock market doesn’t trend as much as it used to. At least not for day traders. But trend trading is still possible, and easier, when you make this simple change to your charts.

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How to Find Volatile Stocks for Day Trading


Do this once a week to find a handful of volatile stocks for day trading which are likely to be volatile throughout the week. Whole process takes about 20 minutes…no more researching every day for volatile stocks for day trading. With this method you find stocks which are likely to produce big moves every day, for about a week (sometimes longer, but update your list each week).

Here are resources discussed in the video:

Written version of this video: How to Find Volatile Stocks for Day Trading in 20 Minutes or Less –

Before the market open Tuesday I will publish a list of “Day Trading Stock Picks for the Week” on under the Stock Trading category:

These volatile stock for day trading (picks) will be based on the method(s) described in the video, and screened for on

Reasons I like these types of volatile stocks for day trading is covered in: Increase Profits and Cut Your Day Trading Work Load with This High Volatility Stock Screen (

Strategies you may opt to use for trading these volatile day trading stocks include:

How to Day Trade Stocks in 2 Hours or Less:

Truncated Price Swing Trading Strategy for Stocks or Forex
( )

Trend Trading: How to Spot Trading Opportunities ( )

Daily Range Day Trading Strategy ( )

How to Day Trade Forex in 2 Hours or Less (applies to stocks as well)

Trading volatile stocks isn’t for everyone. Have a plan for how you will trade them, and test out your strategy before live trading. Slippage is very likely in these stocks. This isn’t an endorsement of these stocks, as the stocks on the list will change weekly. This method is just one option for finding volatile stocks for day trading, if you don’t want to be constantly researching.


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Best technical indicators for swing trading


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In this video , I’m going to cover and go into detail on “Best technical indicators for swing trading“. I hope you like it and if you could like it , give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos.

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Swing Trading Options Over Two to Five Days


Swing Trading Options Over Two to Five Days

Presented by Price Headley, founder of

Price will share his multiple time-frame analysis to identify potential swing trades in options over no more than five trading days. He’ll show you how to integrate hourly charts with bigger- picture daily and weekly charts, and how to use RadarScreen to easily narrow your focus list to a handful of worthy candidates. Price will also discuss simple options selection strategies for swing traders.


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Crude Oil Remain Under Pressure and Commodity Trading Tips

Crude Oil Commodity Weekly Trading Review and Outlook: Crude oil prices this week started on a negative note driven down by a series of important economic events along with some downside intrinsic fundamentals.

International crude oil prices declined continuously for six trading sessions from 9th June – 16th June

With weakness in dollar and subsiding Brexit fears, finally the crude oil was able to show some short coverings on Friday.

As per Friday’s closing, WTI International and Brent crude oil posted gains around 5% each, ending the week at $48.86/bbl & $49.25/bbl.

July contract MCX crude oil posted gains around 2%, ending the week at Rs.3246/bbl

Though, on weekly basis, the calculation remained on downside, showing around 1.40% loss in WTI International and around 2.50% loss in Brent crude oil.

Weekly losses in July contract MCX crude oil showed losses more than 3%.

With a series of major economic events from U.S. interest rate hikes and Britain’s exit from the Euro zone, International crude prices crashed from its 2016 high levels. Despite of having much better than expected inventory data, crude oil failed showing any positive response. Though, having weaker jobs generation data in May month, it was likely that interest rates could be hiked in this month but still the traders were cautious, which fueled up dollar and weighed on the denominated commodities. Britain’s exit from the Euro zone had its own impact fearing of declining demand from the Europe and losing strength in Euro which could adversely fuel dollar.

Apart from this, coming to the normal crude fundamentals, the weekly DoE inventory data was quite impressive, still the prices were not being able to hold upside move. Before the weekly inventory data, a day before API released its weekly data, which was quite negative and that pressurized crude oil prices further

Crude Oil Commodity Trading Analysis: Crude oil stocks last week went down for the fourth continuous week, though the rate of drawdown got lowered on account of decline in weekly crude oil demand by more than 2.50%. Gasoline stocks went down much more than expected as the weekly demand for the same inside the United States domestic market surged by around 2%. Distillate stocks went up for the second consecutive week, though the injections got lessen as the weekly demand surged more than 5%.

Refinery inputs declined by around 100,000 barrels per day, and due to this the crude stocks demand got lowered. On account of less output and high demand for gasoline its stocks went down. This summer season the refiners are facing lower crack margin problems, which have reduced their profitability. Gasoline and distillate stocks are running at near about same prices, which normally the former should have been in premium. Huge chances are there for significant increase in products side glut, which will pressurize crude oil prices. The most supportive data was the weekly crude oil production levels. The same was being anticipated to rise as the rig counts went up, but instead 29,000 bpd lower production was observed. Current levels of production in the U.S. average around 8.716 MBPD.

Rig Counts moving Up: With the recent release of the rig count data by the Baker Hughes, another 9 rigs were added by the shale oil driller, bringing a total count now 337. This was the straight third weekly additions and within the mentioned timeframe 21 active rigs were added. Overall 222 rigs were removed by the US drillers in 2016 which pressurized their production levels, but as the crude oil market seems to be balancing a bit, they ready for some greater production levels in future. With the next week release of the production data, it would be confirmed that the addition of rigs are actually boosting up levels or not.

In current situation, where the US started playing as a role of swing producer, increased production levels from the same shall pressurize the market. Already the OPEC members are firm on their part of not reducing the levels of production. Saudi- Iran rivalry for grabbing the market share has signaled some alarming rise in levels of production. Iran’s minister in 169th OPEC meet mentioned of taking OPEC’s 14% share which comes around 4.40 MBPD, that almost 1 MBPD more than their current levels of production. Iran has also restored their pre- sanctions production levels and more or less exports. The European nations are also importing at multi- year high figures from the country apart from the Asian majors.

How Will Crude Oil, Gasoline and Distillate Stocks Move In Next Week?

Crude oil stocks in the coming week might show some downfall, which is indicated in the seasonality pattern also. Technically, crude inputs will increase now in the refineries, which will show an effective drawdown in overall crude oil stocks. If the production levels and imports also moves down then that would an additional advantage for the declining crude oil stocks.

Gasoline, there’s some uncertainty as normally the stocks should decline as per the seasonality but due to stable demand and higher refinery outages, the same might show some buildup. Chances are there for the refiners to shift their production from gasoline to distillates as they are not getting better crack margins just like the same they did in winter when distillates demand was low. So, in that case, if the gasoline output is lowered the stocks will fall.

Distillate stocks shall continue moving up due to low demand and greater refinery outages and plus if the crack shifts from gasoline to distillates, the refiners will produce more distillates which will further add up the glut

The hedge funds money managers have curtailed their bullish bets on the U.S. crude to the lowest in two months. It was the second straight week of declines in the net long position of U.S. crude. Thus, we can see that crude oil prices for the coming week might remain under pressure. Apart from all the above mentioned factors, with return of the Canadian crude production levels after the wild- fire, prices shall further witness some downfall.

Crude Oil Commodity Technical Analysis: MCX Crude Oil July delivery contract opened at Rs.3308 and made a high of Rs.3364 but could not sustained on higher levels as expected fell sharply lower. Currently prices are trading at its lowest levels in five weeks. Last week prices have formed a Shooting star pattern and confirming the pattern this week extended bearish trend. RSI-14 is heading down from over bought zone, currently reading at 59.43 in weekly prices chart supporting bearish trend.

Natural Gas Weekly Review & Outlook:

Natural Gas prices this week continued its upside move with warm weather forecast over the United States region.

 Though, the prices during middle week were bit cautious due to inventory data, but still warm weather forecast pulled back the prices again.

As per Friday’s closing, NYMEX NG posted gains around 2.80%, ending the week at $2.65/MMBTU whereas MCX NG showed just 0.50% gains ending the week at Rs.175.60/MMBTU.

On weekly basis, gains in NYMEX and MCX Ng were around 3% 2% respectively.

Natural Gas prices this week continued its uptrend seeing upcoming warm weather conditions over the United States. CPC forecast has shown almost entire country covered under red zone which means more than normal temperatures. Prices in coming week shall continue moving up as the forecast still remains more or less same. From 25th June- 1st July, conditions are shown extreme on the Pacific belt regions, which will drastically increase the CDD levels. Once the CDD levels moves up, usage of cooling devices would be more and hence the electricity consumption will be more. This year EIA has also forecasted NG consumption by the power generation plants will surpass the usage of coal. Many regions in the United

States are expected to cross 350 levels CDD during coming days, which means much more than normal temperatures.

Last week inventory data showed just 69 bcf Natural Gas injections, which was less compared to previous years, which means more demand is there compared to past summers.

Natural Gas Commodity Trading Technical Analysis: MCX Natural Gas June future the week traded in a range after breaking a major trend line resistance last week. As long as prices hold above trend line support trend remains bullish for coming weeks. Short term exponential moving averages 9 and 21 periods are supporting for bullish trend in weekly chart.RSI-14 approached over bought zone which may limit rally for coming weeks. MACD entered in positive territory in weekly chart which holds bullish view for coming weeks.

Commodity Trading Tips

Sell Crude Oil Mcx July on Rise at 3320 sl 3500 Tgt 3100

Buy Natural Gas MCx June at dips 166 sl 165 Tgt 185

Article Source:

Source by Kiran Kumar Reddy

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A Lesson For All Marijuana Penny Stock Investors & Traders


5 Biggest Trading Mistakes I Have Done


In today’s article, I will give you 5 extremely basic, yet vital tips that are helping me today to better consequences of my ATS. I didn’t do any of these things in the beginnings and it was a major flaw – you ought to keep away from such a misstep.

1. General reoptimization – I wasn’t doing it.

Some time prior I have played out an intriguing investigation of a few of my frameworks and it indicated me truly imperative point: The distinction between standard reoptimization and long haul exchanging of altered parameters can be truly immense, particularly in times, when your frameworks are not performing admirably. For my situation, a portion of the failing to meet expectations methodologies appeared for the year 2014 up to 80% change, if reoptimized before the year’s over 2013. The outcomes were truly huge. For instance one of the weakest techniques encountered a 5,000 USD misfortune in 2013, be that as it may, the reoptimized variant had a great deal more adequate loss of 900 USD. Truly, I can say that normal reoptimization enhances the execution of the frameworks – particularly amid the awful times. Actually, I reoptimize generally once every year. It was a colossal oversight I haven’t connected this idea of customary reoptimization from the earliest starting point.


2. Keen utilization of 2 contracts (or much number of agreements) – for quite a while I didn’t know about this straightforward trap.

There are sure circumstances in the business sectors that are to a great degree promising for decent benefits. A standout amongst the most straightforward cases can be the day of the week. I am certain, that you have a few methodologies in your portfolio which perform better in a specific day of the week, than in different days. I utilize these circumstances to change the quantity of agreements – i.e. I exchange twice the same number of agreements than I would exchange generally, to get the most out of this circumstance. You would be amazed how positive effect on value bend can these straightforward traps have – frequently the value gets pleasantly smoothed. Obviously, you should be innovative and consider new circumstances that you could use for the change of the quantity of agreements.

In the beginnings, I wasn’t utilizing these straightforward traps, I belittled them and educated them after some time. In any case, they truly can significantly enhance the general steadiness of your portfolio.

3. Have a go at swing systems. I was wavering too long with adding them to my portfolio.

On the off chance that you lean toward the day-exchanging ATS, don’t concentrate a lot on them and attempt a few techniques that don’t close positions by the day’s end. You can add to them certain benefit target and abandon them open for a few days. I discovered that methodologies like these can truly help with the enhancement. Indeed, even in the year 2014, which was a significant terrible year for list breakout techniques, the swing systems were doing truly well – contrasting with the intraday ones. Actually, I utilize a blend of both. With a few frameworks I close 50% of my agreements before the day’s over and the other half I close on settled benefit target – despite the fact that it may take days the benefit focus to get hit. Then again, for less stretch, decent, and unwinding weekend, I can close the position before the day’s over on Friday.

On the off chance that I had swing systems in my portfolio since the starting, I would have been improving – particularly amid the awful times. Today I definitely realize that having just daytrading methodologies in my portfolio is not adequate in the event that I need to have a quality dispersion of benefits.

4. Indeed, even a little broadening is an expansion.

This is something I have been doing effectively from the earliest starting point. I add it to this rundown just to call attention to out and to shield you from doing this slip-up.

The broadening into more markets is completely significant and even a miniaturized scale expansion tallies and is truly vital. For instance, on the off chance that I have a little record and I ought to choose two frameworks for two distinctive file business sector and one and the same framework exchanging two very surprising markets (a file and a grain market), I would dependably lean toward the second choice. Two distinctive markets will help you to broaden much superior to any two, even low-related frameworks exchanging the same markets. This is my experience and this is my main thing. Expand any way you can.

5. Cooperate. I didn’t do it, however working with different merchants helps me to push ahead much speedier.

This is my last exhortation – despite the fact that it is somewhat not quite the same as the past ones. It is a straightforward exhortation – cooperate with different ATS brokers. It will bring you better results and you will gain the ground quicker.

On the off chance that you like this article, go to my online website where you can discover more details here: Forex signals.

Source by Ravindra C.

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Best Penny Stock Trading Patterns In 2016 …

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The 3 Best Strategies for Trading Penny Stocks Today


Many investors like penny stocks because they can offer big returns in a short period of time. But penny stock investing also comes with high risks…

These stocks can be some of the most speculative trades on the market because they’re so volatile. Some penny stock companies are also just plain scams, and are only looking to steal your money.

Despite these risks, there are still many great penny stocks out there. You just have to know how to find them.

That’s where Money Morning’s three best strategies for trading penny stocks today comes in. By using these strategies, you can separate promising penny stocks from the one’s that aren’t worth your time.

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